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August 19-20, 2021

Branson, MO


Fiduciary Focus

About the Conference

Our focus is on you, the plan fiduciaries who want to get the best results for their participants.

In addition to full-group sessions, the conference typically includes workshops that give you access to industry experts who work with fiduciaries like you every day. They’ll talk about how your role as a fiduciary shapes your plan’s success, break down the different areas of plan performance, and explain how fiduciaries can build a rewarding retirement for their participants.

The conference agenda features direct interaction, breakout sessions, industry trends discussion, mock fiduciary scenarios, and an industry expert panel session.


Conference Objectives

Fiduciary Focus Conference provides valuable insight to retirement plan fiduciaries and support staff about how they can build a rewarding retirement for their participants.

At Fiduciary Focus Conference, attendees will gain extensive knowledge from industry experts on how to manage every aspect of an excellent retirement plan.  

Fiduciary Focus Conference offers intermediate-level information in a group-live setting. There are no prerequisites to attend, and no advance preparation needed.

About Pension Focus, Your Conference Host

Pension Focus is a non-profit Public Benefit Corporation with the exclusive purpose of informing individuals engaged in the retirement plan industry.


The organization educates fiduciaries, plan sponsors, administrators, accountants, and record keepers with respect to the creation, management, maintenance, and performance of qualified retirement plans. 

About Pension Consultants, Inc., Your Conference Sponsor

Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) is the proud original sponsor of Fiduciary Focus Conference. For 24 years, PCI has made it possible for retirement plan fiduciaries to learn best practices and engage with industry thought leaders.


PCI advocates for a results-based approach to retirement plan design and management, with the goal of participants being financially prepared to retire on time and with dignity. Pension Consultants, Inc. is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser.



Fiduciary Focus Conference does not accept vendors or exhibitors. We are committed to providing fiduciaries with a premier educational experience.



Attendance is limited to 150 fiduciaries. Professionals come from all over the Midwest to gain insights and network.

Professor Lecturing on Stage


This conference has been educating retirement plan fiduciaries for 24 years.


Event Date

Aug 19-20, 2021


Event Location

Branson, Missouri

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